Trinity Stories – Moira Copeland

Tell us about yourself
My name is Moira, I am divorced, retired and live in sheltered housing.  I feel most alive when I am helping others and so do lots of voluntary work.   I am a member of the Iona Community and return regularly.
When did you become aware of God?
I  have had times when I feel alone but known that God is beside me it’s just accepting it.  However I feel God walks with all of us.


In what ways has God made a difference to your life?
God Speaks to me through friends,and sermons I feel He challenges me to make a difference for others in small ways.


What is the thing you find most challenging about following Jesus?
Following in His footsteps and His guidelines.


Share a part of the bible which is really speaking to you at the moment.
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and Love one another as God loves us.


How has being part of Trinity helped you in your faith?
When I first returned from Iona I felt alone as I had been living in Community and worshiping three times a day, however, God,  new friends,  new church have restored my church life and faith in people.


If you had the chance to ask God one question face to face, what would it be?
Why do the Old Testament and the New Testament seem to have so many contradictions?

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