Baptisms & Dedications

NicoGiovanni Doiy baptisim at Our Lady of Mercy in Westlake.

We are glad to share your joy in the birth of your child and in giving thanks to God.   We want to serve you at this exciting time in the life of your family.

Baptism or Dedication?

We offer both Baptism and Dedication Services.  But which is right for you?  It mainly depends on the promises you feel you can make.  We offer Baptism for parents who are happy to make a ‘profession of faith’ in Christ.

Our equally helpful and meaningful dedication simply asks you to be thankful to God for the gift of your child, to be open to God’s help to be good parents and involves the laying on of hands to ask God’s blessing on your child.

So what’s the next step?

Speak to our minister Peter Holwell on 0191 255 9345 and he will answer your questions. A date can then be fixed and, subject to you providing a digital photo, the certificate and  leaflet will be produced by the Church Office.   Our care does not stop after that special Sunday. Your child will be placed on our Cradle Roll until such time as he or she is old enough to come to Younger Church.

Our promise to you

We will continue to pray for you all and keep in touch over the next few years.
You will always be welcome and we would encourage you to join us as a family at regular Sunday worship (a crèche is available).

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