If you have recently become engaged, you may be considering how to celebrate your big day. We wish you well in your planning and preparation for this important change in your lives. May God bless you through each other.

These days there are many possible venues for weddings. So, why get married in church? In a church wedding you make your promises and vows consciously asking God to be with you in the promises you make, and in your marriage. A church wedding is a good way to begin a Christian marriage. Everything we do in church weddings is done in the belief that God is with us, and that God’s presence makes all the difference.

We at Trinity believe in Christian marriage and its central place in shaping community and bringing children into the world, in a secure, nurturing, and safe environment. We would love to share with you in preparing for your special day, the Service itself, and then offering all that Trinity is as a Christian Church to help build a strong marriage, and foremost, a family. We believe that marriage is a gift from God. In their wedding Service, a couple make a public declaration of lifelong commitment to love each other, come what may.

Other questions you may be asking:

I’m not baptised. I don’t attend a church. Can I still get married in church?
Yes, none of this precludes you. We are just glad to be asked to share in your special day.

I’m divorced so can I still get married at Trinity?
We believe that marriage is for life but also recognise that some marriages fail. We believe in a God of grace who gives us all a second chance. A discussion with Peter Holwell will normally result in a green light to be married at Trinity.

Why do we need marriage preparation?
You have probably invested a lot of time planning your wedding. The day is important but your marriage should last for the rest of your life. However much you think you know each other, there is always more to learn!

If you are thinking of getting married at Trinity, we encourage you to contact Peter Holwell on 0191 255 9345 or email Peter Holwell. We look forward to hearing how we can support you as you begin to prepare for married life together.

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