Young Church

Children and young people of all ages are welcome at our Sunday Services.

All families start off in the main service at 10.30 and then at a appropriate time children have the option of attending the following groups.

Dots ‘n’ playinginsunTots: ages 0 to 3.  Breamish Room A supervised creche.

Explorers : ages 3-6 in the Croquet room (next to the Breamish) contents of material being used can be seen below.

Enquirers: ages 7-11 in the Derwent room (opposite creche) contents of material being used can be seen below.

Elevate: Year 7+  meet in the Allen Room.

There’s a wide range of activities in each group,  All our leaders hope to help the children and young people discover Jesus in ways that are fun and memorable.

When a child comes for the first time, parents/guardians are asked to come to the session to meet the leaders and complete our safeguarding form; they are welcome to stay until the child is settled.  We ask parents of all children under 8 years old to come to collect their child at the end of the session.

10th Jan                                 ‘Called by name’

Baptism of Christ.

This week we explore: discovering calling and identity; submission, power and protection; images of fire, water and the dove.

17th Jan                                 ‘Celebration and transformation’

Epiphany 2 This week we explore: reading the bible in its cultural context; the significance of weddings; noticing signs of God at work.

24th Jan                                 ‘Jesus’ agenda’

Epiphany 3 This week we explore: the power of god’s word; the importance of teaching within a community: Jesus’ agenda.

31st Jan                                 ‘Understanding God’s work’

Epiphany 4 This week we  explore: being called to speak God’s word; crowd responses; the importance of confidence.

Junior Mission for All is a Methodist organisation aimed at encouraging children to learn, pray and serve the worldwide church of Jesus Christ.

JMA raises around £700,000 each year.  20% is used in mission ‘at home’ and the rest is used overseas…everything from bicycles in Bolivia, to new schools in Mozambique, to helping children go to school in China and to sending books to Russia.

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