‘Meet God, Meet Friends, Live Life Better’


Why give to Trinity?

The Bible teaches the principle of thoughtful, prayerful and sacrificial giving. This is our response to God’s generosity and, as part of our discipleship and expression of our worship of God, we are invited to reflect prayerfully upon our financial discipleship and give what is right and not just what is left over.

Trinity Church is ideally placed to serve the community in Gosforth. We are called to be a missional community and reach out to all those who pass by, or enter our church and centre buildings. We are called to be evangelists and cheerfully spread the Gospel. We are called to worship God, and Trinity aims to offer attractive and lively Bible-focussed worship.


A pie chart showing breakdown of expenditure

Trinity is a large church with three full-time ministers; we have beautiful premises to maintain; we need the finance to underpin our activities, our worship, our mission, our evangelism. To provide the necessary funds, we rely upon the generosity of our members. Our budget for expenditure for the current financial year (September 2014 – August 2015) is £213,197.

The largest expenditure is our “Assessments” which are paid to the Methodist and URC churches in proportion to the number of members. This money goes toward the salary costs of our Ministry Team and supports our parent Methodist and United Reformed Churches. Payments to the parent churches help to ensure the future of the world-wide church by, for example, training new ministers.

Where does Trinity’s income come from?

The majority of our income comes from the generous giving of our members, and a significant amount is added through tax-efficient giving (Giftaid). Each year, we urge our members prayerfully to consider their giving, so that Trinity may continue to be a vibrant community where we can ‘Meet God, Meet Friends and Live Life Better’.


How can I give to Trinity?

There are two ways to do this:

  • By setting up a standing order with your bank – this helps us with our cashflow and gives us better control of regular income and expenditure. The standing order form can be downloaded here and once printed and completed should be sent to your bank. Printed copies can also be obtained on request through the church office.

  • Some members prefer to make contributions through our envelope scheme and some pay to Trinity quarterly or annually. Giftaid envelopes are available near the sound desk for one-off donations. If you would like to send us a cheque or a giving voucher, please make it payable to Trinity Church, Gosforth. We can also accept payments made by debit or credit card.

Tax Efficient Giving

Trinity also benefits from the tax-efficient giving of its members. If you pay UK tax (Income or Capital Gains Tax) and would like us to be able to claim back the basic rate tax, you will need to fill in, sign and return to us an ongoing Gift Aid declaration form if you have not done so already. Most members Giftaid their contributions, thus enabling Trinity to reclaim a further 25% from HMRC for every pound given. Completed Gift Aid forms should be sent to the treasurer, Jeremy Nelson, through the church office.


How much should I give?

We can’t answer that question. There are references in the Bible to tithing and, indeed, some aim to give at least 10% of their disposable income. Some give more; some give less. We believe that this is a personal decision which is reached after prayerful consideration and is our individual response to God’s gift to us. However, no-one should feel pressured to give more than they can truly afford.

What is sacrificial giving?

Beware: Christian giving is sacrificial – it may be damaging to our lifestyle.
It’s about giving to God first, rather than last. It is challenging. We are challenged to respond to God’s great gift to us by offering our lives (and our monetary values and decisions) to Him before considering our own needs. How does our giving to God compare, for example, to our spending on cars, or holidays?


How else can I give to the work of Trinity?

  • EasyFundraising banner logoTrinity is registered with EasyFundraising. Many retailers support Easyfundraising (Amazon, John Lewis, Currys/PC World, etc) and they will give Trinity a donation every time you shop with them in return for us sending you to their site as a customer. There is no cost to you, the buyer. All you need to do is go to sign up to choose Trinity Church Gosforth as your preferred charity and then select the online store you wish to visit.

  • Search with Easysearch easySearch logo
    There is also a search engine called Easysearch and this site will credit Trinity every time you make an online search once you are registered with EasyFundraising. So, please use Easysearch whenever you start a web search. Remember: there is no cost to you.

  • Payroll Giving
    Some employers support charity giving through their payroll. This is usually tax-efficient and may even include a contribution from the employer. Speak to your employer if you would like to give in this way.

  • Interest-free loans
    Are you able to offer Trinity an interest-free loan? There are times, each month, when the demands on cash-flow are high. In previous years, a healthy balance has ensured that we have been able to cope with such demands. Now, however, cash-flow is tight and it would be useful to build up a “buffer”. Could you help? If so, please speak to Jeremy Nelson.

  • Getting involved
    Members of Trinity contribute to the life and work of the church in many different ways. Whilst the information above relates to financial giving, other pages on this site describe the variety of ministries at Trinity which you can get involved with and contribute to.

For more information about any of the above, contact Jeremy Nelson (Treasurer) or Andy Howes (Giftaid Secretary) via the church office.

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