Taekwon-Do Kids Development Programme

Newcastle Blackbelt Academy

Newcastle Blackbelt Academy is excited to present the new Taekwon Do, life skills and personal development programme for children aged 4-7 years.

Taekwon Do Kids is an age specific curriculum that is designed to teach children life skills in a fun and exciting manner.

The Taekwon Do Kids programme will keep your child physically fit and best of all TKD Kids are taught respect, confidence, discipline, good manners and good moral values.

We believe that the ages of 4-7 years are the most important years of a child’s development.  Let us help enhance your child’s mental and physical development in a fun, positive and motivating way.

Class sizes are limited to ensure the correct quality of teaching.  Call Anthony McKenna, 7th degree, international instructor and examiner now on 07815 127725 for details of enrolment.

Classes on Mondays from 4pm.