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Like most churches, Trinity sees music as a key ingredient in the worship of God.  We take our cue from the Bible – from Psalm 150, with its comprehensive call on instrumentalists of all kinds, through to St. Paul’s call in Ephesians 5:19 to ‘sing and make music in your heart to the Lord’.

Although we strive to be the best we can be at all levels, we see music as ministry not performance: a whole-hearted offering to God, with integrity and sincerity.  In keeping with this, we are not shackled to any particular musical instrument, whether organ, guitars, drums, saxophones, flutes etc.  God has gifted Trinity with a wide range of talented players, and we seek to use them all flexibly and to his glory.

Of course, the best worship instrument of all is the human voice, so we have a choir which contributes chorally, across a range of styles, to most Sunday morning services.


The Worship Band

The worship band is a group of up to about 12 musicians who play for part of the morning services throughout most of the year.  The current make up comprises guitars (rhythm and bass), trumpet, saxes, flute, trombones, clarinets, keyboard, vocals and occasional percussion.

The band is versatile, playing contemporary Christian songs alongside new up-beat arrangements of older favourites.  Most music is arranged in-house by members of Trinity with the necessary skills.

Band practice sessions vary, but tend to revolve around Tuesday evenings from about 8pm, Sunday mornings before worship at about 9.30am.  For more information or to join the Worship Band, contact the Music Team Leader, Peter Waugh or Worship Band Co-ordinator, Angela Stephenson.

The Big Band

The big band is a group of 30+ musicians who play for the All Age Worship services about four times a year.  These are always lively and exciting occasions.

Anyone who plays an instrument may join.  At present, the players’ age range runs from about eight to – well, let’s just say ‘retired’!  The music is specially arranged in-house for all abilities, so if you would like to chip in we need to know in advance so that we can have appropriate music ready for you.  Players meet for a practice session before the service at which the band is due to play.  You receive the music beforehand so you can prepare at home if you have the time and facilities.

For more information or to enquire about joining the Big Band, contact the Director of Music (see front page), or one of the Big Band conductors—Jeremy Nelson or David Cowans.

The Choir

Trinity choir is a four-part (Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Bass) group of about 20 members.  It serves on most Sunday mornings by ministering a short choral ‘Call to Worship’, singing again later in the service, providing a lead for the congregational singing and often ministering in song during communion.

The choir rehearses on Thursday evenings from 7pm to 8.15pm, and meets at 10am before Sunday morning worship to run through that morning’s music.  Anyone who can croon a melody and has a heart to sing for the Lord as part of a team may join.  We are not looking for Kiri Te Kanawas or Andrea Bocellis!

For more information or to join the choir, contact Peter Waugh, the Choir Director, Ernest Young,  or speak to any choir member.

The Organists and Organ

Most Sunday services involve the organ to a greater or lesser degree, often in partnership with the bands and/or piano.  The church also hosts a growing number of weddings, and there are occasional funerals.  These services nearly always require an organist.

At present, we have four organists in the church family who manage these requirements on a rota basis, but we warmly invite your  interest if you are an organist or thinking of taking up the instrument.

For more information contact Peter Waugh or speak to one of the organists.


Music Team Leader ~ Peter Waugh

Tel: 0191 2848608

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