Trinity Stories – Geraldine Hiller

Tell us about yourself

I’m Geraldine.  I used to be married and have three grown-up children and 4 grand-children.  I used to be a teacher but spent many years at home, caring for other people’s children whilst bringing up my own children.

When did you become aware of God?

As a student I was ‘seeking’ and went to many churches.  This led to me preparing for confirmation in a small village Anglican church.  I was confirmed aged 20.

In what ways has God made a difference to your life?

I feel that I have grown into the peaceful person God means me to be.  I have found a new ministry as God has encouraged me to learn and grow.

What is the thing you find most challenging about following Jesus?

I find that speaking of my faith is quite a challenge when I meet people who question me.

Share a part of the bible which is really speaking to you at the moment.

The 23rd Psalm is helping me at present as my health has not been so good for the past year.

How has being part of Trinity helped you in your faith?

The love and support of Christian brothers and sisters has helped me in my faith.

If you had the chance to ask God one question face to face, what would it be?

How can we bring others into the Kingdom of God – and how can we learn to live at peace with people all over the world.


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