Sunday Message – Palm Sunday

Sermon Series:   Easter – Jesus the King

Theme:  ‘Entry of the King’

Scripture: John 12: 12 – 19

Andrew Clark spoke about the ways we sometimes have Palm Sunday ‘all sorted’ in our heads, that the moral of the story is that the crowd which worshipped him on the Sunday cried ‘crucify him’ on the Friday; that we should praise Jesus and not be silent as the Pharisees suggest; that we should follow Jesus and worship him from the right motive.

Yet, there is a large contrast happening in Jerusalem on the day.  As Pilate gets ready to enter into Jerusalem from the west with his chariots, horses and military prowess to make sure the Jerusalem behaves during its national religious festival, he is there to show the world who is boss.  As Jesus enters the east of the city on a donkey, he comes as the King of a Kingdom not of this world, founded on grace, mercy, peace, righteousness, joy and justice.

We noted, too, that we can enter every situation in our own lives either taking the example of Jesus and his Kingdom, or from the opposite spirit where we are the centre along with our needs and desires to be the centre of our worlds.  Palm Sunday reminds us that there are two ways to enter a city!

For further reflection:  Revisit the experience of Jesus week before his crucifixion and see if you can identify the ways of the Kingdom of God and the contrasting ways of the Kingdom of Pilate.  What can you learn from them?

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