Sunday Message – Easter Sunday

Sermon Series:  ‘Easter – Jesus the King’

Theme:  ‘Jesus the Risen King’

Scripture:  John 20: 1 – 18

Andrew Clark spoke about the wonderment that the disciples showed on that first Resurrection Sunday.  We asked why they were so surprised the Jesus had risen. And why was their initial wonderment not about ‘salvation’ as we understand it?   They had walked with him for 3 years and they had witnessed him raise dead people, heal the sick, cast out demons, change water into wine as well as hear his radical teaching.  They were also well aware that it was God’s desire that the Messiah would make all things new.

However, their amazement was that they still didn’t expect what Jesus accomplished.  They expected God to bring everything right at the end of time but Jesus triumphs over the enemy in the middle of history.  So when Jesus appears to them, their absolute amazement is that God has started the new creation in the here an now…and that they get to play a part in that new creation breaking into our world.  Jesus starts the renewal of what it means to be human which totally transforms every act of love, compassion and grace we enact.  It transforms every note of music, stroke of the pen or paintbrush, every kick on the sports field.  Why?  Because as the redeemed people of God, we can being to see the great things of God’s Kingdom come in the here and now because of Jesus.

For further reflection:  read Colossians 1:15 – 23 and consider Paul’s vision of Jesus. How central is Jesus in your own understanding of life, church and everything else?

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