Sunday Message – 5th February

Sermon Series:  The Way of Jesus

Theme:  Journeying

Scripture:  John 1: 35 – 51


Andrew Clark spoke about the simplicity of Jesus’ call to follow him and how so often we complicate our response.  Jesus invites us on an adventure, a daring path of following which moves us out of our own safety zones to follow the wild messiah.  We’re reminded that this path, however, is never an easy one. Jesus calls it a narrow and difficult path.

The question then is why we’d want to follow on this difficult path?  Is it worth it?  Is the teaching of Jesus too difficult?  In John 6, Jesus delivers some difficult teaching and the crowd walk away.  He is left with the 12 disciples and Jesus says to them ‘do you want to go too?’  In a moment of poignant brilliance, Peter says ‘Lord, where else can we go?  You have the words of eternal life.’

The challenge to us is two-fold:  firstly, we need to respond to the challenge to follow and not be those who say ‘Lord Lord’ and then not do what he asks.  Secondly, we need to count the cost and recognise that although the road is difficult, the great and powerful reward is full life here and now and eternal life with him.

For further study:

Look at Matthew 8: 18 – 22.  Is there anything that you put in place of following Jesus?  What might the implications be of following a Jesus who had no place to lay his head?

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