Sunday Message 6th Jan 2013

The book of Genesis

Sermon Theme:‘The Patriarchs: Covenant and Kingdom’ – Abraham

Scripture:  Genesis 15: 1 – 8, 17 – 21

It is in the very heart of God that He has a people amongst whom He can dwell. Today, we look explore the way God calls Abram out of obscurity and into a covenant agreement with God as Abraham, the father of many nations.

On this, our Covenant Sunday, we consider what it is to be ‘called out’ and to live together as a covenant community of God’s people. We affirm our commitment to have God as our God and to be true to the promises that discipleship in the Way of Jesus demands.


For further reflection:
What is God asking you to do? How can Trinity help you do it? Take some time in this week, at the beginning of the year, and ask God what your commitment to Him will require of you in this time.


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