Sunday Message – 3rd June

Sermon Series:  The Intelligible Spirit

Theme:  Integral – The Spirit in the Old Testament

Scripture:  Genesis 1,  Jeremiah 31:31 – 34


Summary:   Today we explored some insight into the work of the Holy Spirit as he works and moves through the pages of the Old Testament.  Jeremiah declares that the desire of God for his people is to know him and so we explore how the Holy Spirit enables that to happen.  We consider his role in creation, bringing order out of chaos.  We see his role in communicating God’s words, equipping God’s people and transforming their lives.

For further reflection:  In what ways has God gifted you in practical terms?  How can those things contribute to the Kingdom of God in this age?  Do you have ‘hard feet and soft hearts’ to take the gospel to the world?

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