Sunday Message – 27th Jan 2013

Image of smooth faced Jacob & Hairy faced Esau

Sermon Theme: Jacob and Esau: The Blessing

Scripture:  Gen 25: 19-34Gen 27: 1-40

This week’s installment shows us the steamier side of patriarchal life. Here are events worthy of the Hollywood treatment, directed, on the face of it, by pure human intrigue. Here is jealousy, favouritism, deception and lies. Yet through it all God the Sovereign Lord, despite His people rather than through them, manages to keep His plans on course.

For further reflection:
What can such events and such behaviour, happening in such a different culture so long ago, say to us today? Is there anything to learn, apart from what NOT to do? Let’s see…


You can also watch this video in a new window on YouTube by clicking this link.

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