Sunday Message – 26th February

Sermon Series:  The Way of Jesus

Theme:  Questioning

Scripture:  John 20: 24 – 31

Andrew spoke about the vital place of questioning in our following God in the way of Jesus.  When we stop questioning, we have stopped growing.  It is a dangerous place to be if we have an environment where questions are not being asked because they are perceived as a sign of weakness.  In a world where many experience doubts and unanswered questions and where many are seeking for something certain, we need to be a community where questions can be openly explored.

In the passage we looked at, we can often find it easy to condemn Thomas for his doubts and its easy to see Jesus command to ‘Stop doubting and believe’ as a sharp rebuke.  Maybe we read this in because that is how we have often been.  However, we must notice that Jesus doesn’t coerce Thomas into believing at all…instead, he invites him to explore his wounds and thus giving space for Thomas to explore his doubt.  We’ve no evidence that Thomas put his hands anywhere near Jesus, but yet the simple invitation to explore doubt led to the exclamation from Thomas, ‘My Lord and my God!’

Let us be sure to create space to explore our doubts, assured that Jesus welcomes them, and move on in our understanding and relationship with him.

For further study:  Read John 18 and explore the doubts that Peter expressed.  Do you identify with Peter in these passages?  Then look at John 21:15 onwards and explore Peter’s restoration.  Perhaps you need to seek a time of restoration for yourself?

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