Sunday Message – 25th March

Sermon Series:  Easter – Jesus the King

Theme:  Passion Sunday – ‘Jesus the Crucified King’

Scripture:  John 19:1 -16

The Rev Martyn Skinner helped us explore the facets of the trial and cruficixion of Jesus, considering his poor treatment in spite of His innoncence, his treatment as a criminal although he was Lord.  As we explored the prouncement that was placed on Jesus cross ‘The King of the Jews’ we note how a remark that was meant as derogatory was, ironically, truer than true.   Jesus Kingship was not surrounded by pomp and circumstance, with privilege or with soft cushioned living, but with a profound sense of call and duty which lead all the way to the cross.

Yet even on the cross, Jesus words were words of grace and words of care, especially for his mother.  When he cries out the ‘it is finished’ we realise afresh that Jesus was saying ‘I’ve accomplished all that has needed to be accomplished’ – a dutiful Servant King.  Our response?  In the same way that a Roman Soldier would take his sacramentum to Ceasar, his oath of allegiance, we join together in making our sacrementum through pledging our allegiance to the Crucified King as we share in simple things, bread and wine, confirming our commitment and service to Him.

For further reflection:   Read Philippians 2 and reflect on the ways that Jesus laid aside so many things.  How should this approach of Jesus shape our discipleship as we follow the King of Kings.

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