Sunday Message – 18th March

We gathered together for our All Age Worship Mothering Sunday.  The Trinity big band was in full swing and the church was packed.  We enjoyed a few sessions of ‘Wait ’til I get you home!’ with some of our mums and kids.  We then shared from scripture key aspects of parenthood before considering Jesus relationship his mother.

On a few ocassions, Mary had one of those ‘wait ’til I get you home!’ moments….when he went missing at the temple, and then later in Jesus life when he told her off for hurrying him to change the water into wine.  I’m sure she had words to say to him on that day!  But yet, the day when she’d have loved to have taken him home was the day she looked upon him as he suffered on the cross.  Yet, having watched Jesus her whole life, she would have known the path that was before him.

We are reminded of how our parents love can be a picture of the love shown to us.  If this was Mary’s response to Jesus on the cross, what would our Father God’s response be?  We are overwhelmed that this happened so that we could enjoyed renewed life through Christ.

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