Sunday Message – 18th February

Sermon Series:  The Way of Jesus

Theme:  Feasting

Scripture:  Luke 14: 16 – 24;  Isaiah 25: 6 – 8

Alan Dunstone reminded us of the feast that we have enjoyed in recent years:  a feast of biblical preaching, prayer, ecumenism, healing, pastoral care, serving, worship and more.  To participate in the life of the church is akin to taking part in a great feast not only for the here and now, but as a foretaste of all that is yet to come.

In opening up that parable from Luke, Alan reminded us that there may be some who although they are enjoying the feast of church, are still to accept the invitation of the Master to come and partake of the feast of salvation that Jesus offers to us.  As in the parable, there are many who offer all sorts of excuses.  Yet, God relentlessly offers us the invitation, although some may reject it now.  But, there will come a day when the quest list will be closed and it will be too late.

Alan challenges us to continue to enjoy the feasts that God sets before us, even against any suggestion that feasting might be over…some say it is impossible for us to enjoy feasting in God’s presence, but with God nothing is impossible.  As we follow in the way of Jesus, we are reminded that we take part in a Kingdom feast where all are invited and where all are welcomed.

For further study:  Take an look through the New Testament and note the amount of times Jesus spends eating with others.  What does his feasting communicate to them?  He earned the title of ‘one who eats with tax collectors and sinners.’  If we are to follow in the way of Jesus, could that accusation stick to you?

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