Sunday Message – 17th Dec 2017 – An Advent challenge

Portrait photo of the Ratcliffe Family taken in Paraguay (Nov 2017)

Minister: Peter Ratcliffe

Theme: ‘An Advent challenge’

Scripture reference(s): Mark 16:15-20 (NIV)

Summary: Peter spoke about the work that he and his family are undertaking in Paraguay to take the gospel to the tribes of the indigenous people there. He gave testimony of the miracles they have seen happening when they lay hands on the sick and people receive Jesus into their hearts. Please read further stories of their work in Paraguay on their website.

His challenge to us was to fulfil our role as believers here: to be bold and share the gospel with those we meet, work with and come into contact with. He concluded with a prayer for those who seek to be emboldened by the Holy Spirit to change lives for Jesus.