Sunday Message 16th Sept 2012

Trinity Church LogoSermon Series:  Launch of Trinity’s Vision, Mission and Community Statement

Theme:  Trinity Vision: Transformation!

Scripture:  Matthew 5: 13 – 16


Summary: Jesus announces to his followers that they were to be transformation agents in the world…salt and light, out in the open for all to see in order that God might be glorified in our day and time.

Today, we want to share our new vision statement… a statement which simply encapsulates all that Jesus intended for His people everywhere, and which we hope sums up what Trinity has been about, is about, and will continue to explore in the future.

For further reflection. Consider the place where you live. What needs transforming in your community? How can you be salt and light there? How can Trinity help you do that?


You can also watch this video in a new window on YouTube by clicking this link.

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