Sunday Message – 15th April

Sermon Series:  Easter – Jesus the King

Theme:  The Road to Emmaus, the Road to Jerusalem

Scripture:  Luke 24

Mary Bellshaw shared reflections on the journey of the two disciples after their experiences of witnessing the trial and execution of Jesus when they are joined by a new Companion on their road.  Jesus listens to their sorrows and concerns and begins to slowly reveal the plan of God through the scripture to the men before breaking bread and revealing who he is.

We are reminded that the road to Emmaus was also the road back to Jerusalem and how easy it is to remain in the place of our grief, dejection and disbelief.  As we go on our Christian journey, we simply need to come to the point where we see Jesus beside us, and recognise him for who he is.  This ensures that our path to wards ‘Emmaus’ is a forward journey.  We see Jesus on the cross in Jerusalem, his salvation provided, that we might move from there into life in the Kingdom of God.

For further reflection:  Look again at today’s scripture and see the process that Jesus takes these disciples through.  Take time to explore in scripture for yourself the way that God promises a Messiah to his people throughout the generations.

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