Sunday Message 14th October 2012

Mustard SeedsSermon Series:  The Kingdom of God is like…

Theme: Parables:…a mustard seed…yeast in dough

Scripture:  Matthew 13: 31 – 35

Summary: We continue our exploration of Jesus’ varied parables exploring the nature of the Kingdom of God. As we consider the implications of ‘the mustard seed’ and the ‘yeast in dough’ we see that God takes the small things of the world and uses them for great effect. We also begin to get a sense that often the Kingdom goes undetected for a season whilst it takes root.

We will consider how faithful we are in our sowing and cultivating the Kingdom in our midst and consider how these parables inform our Kingdom work.

For further reflection: Take moments to ask what things you are planting into the lives of others and the community. Are you convinced that your small part can make a difference?


You can also watch this video in a new window on YouTube by clicking this link.

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