Sunday Message – 13th May

Sermon Series:  At the Table

Theme:  Enacted Mission

Scripture:   Luke 14

Isn’t it fascinating that in spite of the fact that we can be a bit harsh about the Pharisees, Jesus spends a lot of time in open and frank discussion with them?  There was nothing about Jesus mission that was threatened by their questions.  Here in this passage in Luke’s gospel, we see Jesus expounding the concept of the meal as enacted mission, combining not only thoughts about future hope, but as a way of living out that future hope in the here and now.

We consider the invitation of Jesus to engage in His mission to embrace all around the table.

For further reflection

Take a look at Luke 19: 1 – 10.  Can you trace signs of enacted grace, enacted community, enacted hope and enacted mission in the familiar story of Zacchaeus?  Have you been willing and able to welcome people around your table in these weeks?

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