Sunday Message, 15th May: Spirit Without Measure 3

We preach Christ crucified

1 Cor 1:23 :

I would like to introduce you to the Trumpton Fire Brigade, Pugh, Pugh, Barney Magrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grubb, and their leader Captain Flack.

They deal with all sorts of problems; Replacing Queen Victoria’s crown to the statue in the market place, Rescuing window cleaners who loose their ladders, Search for missing artists, Put up band posters, and once they had a call because something was burning – however this was only due to a crossed line as it was Chippy Minton’s dinner that was burning in the oven as he was late!

Never once do they put out a fire in any of the stories. They are only on because the Trumpton programme always ends in the same way, a band concert in the park – and who supplies the band – the fire brigade.

This in many ways is a picture of the church to many people. We are involved in all sorts of things, all very good and necessary, but not our main function.


Our function is to preach Christ 1Cor1:23 -not seen by many as relevant, indeed to many foolish 1Cor:21.

Yet this is our Gospel, this is God’s message 1Cor1:25.

This is the message of hope, Christ not just crucified but risen.

This is our commission Mark16:15 – given to stubborn men Mark 16:14.

We are to set a flame burning a flame of Resurrection, to offer salvation to all who believe.

We can do no more than offer, God will do the rest.


So let us sort our purpose out, let us preach the cross of Jesus, crucified and risen least we become like the Trumpton fire brigade.

Peter Heckels

May 15th 2011.


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