Sunday Message, 19th June: Spirit Without Measure 8

Fathered, Formed & Filled with Faith

Survey: “It’s a Father Son thing” (our findings!)

What Dad thinks!

Over the past few weeks Fathers have been asked to respond to these questions:

What do you like best about being a Dad?

What do you find hardest?

How has being a Dad helped you?

What is the strangest Daddy task you have been asked to undertake?

Name a Fatherly quality you could aspire to?

The last of these questions about a Fatherly qualities came up with the answers – Patience and wisdom

And others seemed to demonstrate the sentiment –

The need to be loved, is one we never outgrow!

The Bible is full of words of wisdom some addressed to fathers, parents and for all of us too! So we have taken some of the answers from the survey and linked them with Biblical wisdom from Proverbs!


What do you like best about being a Dad?

“Sharing experiences and enjoying achievements”

Prov 10v1 A wise son brings joy to his father


What do you find hardest?

“Resolving disputes between siblings”

Prov 22v6 Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it


How has being a Dad helped you?

“It has helped me appreciate the father / child relationship and the relationship we have with God”

Prov 4v1 Listen, my sons, to a father’s instruction; pay attention and gain understanding.


What is the strangest Daddy task you have been asked to undertake?

“Changing nappies, loving stick insects!”

Prov 21v21 He who pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honour


Name a Fatherly quality you could aspire to?

“Patience and wisdom”

Prov 25v11 A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver


Groover takes the Biscuit

Adapted by Lorna from the story book Hippity Dog and the Groover’s Fling

by Andrew Knowles and Gordon Stowell

Story Teller:

Welcome to Million’s Munchies Biscuit Factory. Here we find the office of Mr Max E Million the Biscuit Tycoon of Million Munchies.

He runs his company ‘Million’s Munchies’ with the help of his two sons, Mr Grafter and Mr Groover.

Mr Max E. Million, Mr Grafter and Mr Groover sit on chairs at front of dais each stands and steps forward at the following mention of their name:

So let us meet the company staff. First we have the head of the company Mr Max E Million.

Max E. Million – holding a calculator behind a table of money, stands and acknowledges those listening, then sits

Mr Grafter, he is always first into work in the mornings – and last out at night.

Mr Grafter – steps forward writes something on his clipboard then steps back and sits

However, the same cannot be said for Mr Groover. Mr Groover, finds watching everyone else work quite exhausting! In fact such hard work that he needs to reach for another biscuit!

Mr Groover – steps forward munching a biscuit then sits looking exhausted

Actually Mr Groover doesn’t seem to do much work his mind is on other things

Mr Groover – playing on an electronic gadget

He is always trying to get to the next level on some computer thingy game.

One morning in the office, Mr Max E. Million announced that he had some good news!

Mr Million – Stands

“Good news Boys!”

“We are on the up!”

“Very soon we will be able to make a bid for McJacobs”

Mr Grafter – Jumps up

“Fantastic Dad”

“Great News”

“Million Munchies will soon be top in the world”

So Mr Grafter set right about designing a new product logo, web page and the like.

Mr Grafter sits back down and gets on with work.

This Good News sparks Mr Groover’s interest!

Mr Groover – sitting engrossed in his game looks up, stands and walks towards Mr Million

Dad…. “Did you mention Top of the world?

That is where I would like to be!”

“Dad, I’ve been thinking”

Mr Million looks surprised, steady on son!

“Thinking, good, it is about time you pulled your weight in this business”

“No Dad, that is not it!” Mr Groover replied indignantly

“My mind is made up, I am leaving, I am going to see the world”

“You have always said that half of what you have is mine so I am going to take it now – and I’m off!”

Mr Groover – takes a pile of money and packet of biscuits and heads off stage towards Organ.

Mr Million and Mr Grafter leave stage

So Mr Groover travelled the world

Mr Groover enters carrying an inflatable globe stands central


At the mention of the following people enter acting these actions:

Air Travel – zoom like a plane

Fast Cars – Screech like a fast car

Parties – Party Time, Cheers, raise glasses

Mr Groover had a great time; he made lots of friends, went to parties and explored new places.

Mr Groover gives out biscuits to his new friends

Then one day Mr Groover found that the money was gone and the biscuit packet was empty.

Mr Groover was sad.

Mr Groover looks sad – “Arhh”

His friends didn’t want to know him now the money had run out.

Friends leave stage

Mr Groover was all alone – “Arhh”

Mr Groover was Hungry – “Arhh”

Mr Groover had no job – “Arhh”

Mr Groover had no friends – “Arhh”

He was very miserable – “Arhh”

Then he had a good idea! “Bing”

Mr Groover looks inspired!

He thought to himself about home.

Back at the Biscuit Factory even the cleaner got paid a decent wage.

He could go back and say how sorry he was.

He could sleep in the broom cupboard and eat the broken biscuit from the factory floor.

So he made up his mind and headed for home.

It was a long and lonely walk – “Arhh”

Mr Groover walks very slowly down on aisle and back down the other.

Now, back at home some things have changed.


Chairs removed and deck chair set up which Mr Max E. Million sits in with binoculars in hand, blanket around knees.

Mr Million sat outside his bungalow watching.

Watching, watching, watching as he did most days.

Mr Million sits with binoculars scanning the view

Bungalow I hear you say!

Yes, Max E. Million’s Mansion had to be sold to release money when Mr Groover left. Million Munchies continued to manufacture but there had been no bid for McJacobs.

But still each day Mr Million would sit and watch, watching for what? Watching for whom?

Each day Mr Grafter would bring his Dad tea and biscuits.

Mr Grafter enters puts Tea and biscuits by his dad’s seat.

But his father was always busy watching and the tea would go cold and the biscuits uneaten.

Then one day as he was watching, Mr Million suddenly stood and focused his binoculars on something in the distance.

Mr Max E Million Stands with binoculars in direction of his son.

Yes, yes he felt sure, the distant dot was his son!

Mr Million could see his son was struggling and he wanted to help him. He ran as fast as his aged legs would let him!

Mr Max E. Million could have a stick and a blanket

Mr Groover was barely able to walk now

Mr Groover struggling

He looked up and could see his father rushing towards him.

“Dad I was wrong” he started to say. But his father wasn’t interested in grand speeches, he took his son in his arms and hugged him.

Father and son embrace, Father puts blanket around son

“My son” he said.

Mr Million walked with his son back to the bungalow.

Mr Million and Mr Groover walk to deck chair where father helps son to sit.

Mr Grafter appears looking non too happy!

Mr Grafter opened the door and his father said,

“Quick turn the heating up, run a bath, and fetch my dressing gown and slippers.

Get the turkey out of the freezer we are going to have a feast!

Mr Grafter did not seem very happy about all this fuss for his long lost brother.

But Mr Million took him on one side and said,

Mr Grafter looks cross and Mr Million goes to him.

“He is your brother, we thought we would never see him again, but here he is!”

Mr Max E Million and Mr Grafter move towards the deck chair father in between the sons

I know he has wasted my money, but he is still my son, just as you are. And I love you both…

Let’s celebrate!

There will be biscuits all round!

Eat biscuits!

Real Faith

We are going to find out what faith is and what is isn’t!!

As each thing that isn’t faith is talked about, some of the outside is coloured in, until the whole word appears in white, through the background being filled in.


1. Suppose you jumped out of an aeroplane, feeling sure that God would stop you getting killed; or you were sure that when you got up in the morning, God would arrange for all the washing up to be done; is that real faith? No – it’s certainly odd, though. Faith in God isn’t magic.


2. What about having faith that God will give us everything we ask, so we ask Him for a new bike or a new car. When we don’t get it we can safely say that God doesn’t exist. Is this real faith? No, all that proves is that God isn’t a slot machine, which we knew already.


3. Or what about faith being a kind of wishful thinking. God doesn’t really exist, but if we want to pretend He does and that makes us feel better, then we can, so long as we don’t take it too seriously. Lots of people think like this. They think of Christians with a sort of pity, and wonder when they will grow up. So is faith in God wishful thinking? No, faith would only be a ‘let’s pretend’ game if God didn’t exist.


Faith in God means recognising the truth that God is real, alive and active. When we have faith in him we are prepared to trust him to lead us, advise us, heal us and even use us so as to let more people become the person they have the potential to be.


Shut your eyes: you can’t see the Church area around you: but it doesn’t mean its not there! Sometimes you can feel God’s presence very strongly and that’s exciting, sometimes we can’t feel anything but that doesn’t mean God has disappeared – it just means we aren’t aware of Him at the moment. The more we listen and watch for signs of his presence, the more we will notice them.

June 19th 2011.


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