Missional Communities Training Day – Sheffield

Eight people from Trinity travelled to St Thomas Philidelphia Church in Sheffield for a taster training day exploring missional communitites.  As part of Trinity’s stated vision of planting new expressions of church in our vision document, ‘Streams into Rivers’, the missional communities concept provides much food for thought towards creatively realising that vision without detracting from the current strength and emphasis of Trinity.

What are Missional Communities?

Missional communities are a group of anything from 20 to 50 or more people who are united, through Christian community, around a common service and witness to a particular neighbourhood or network of relationships. With a strong value on life together, the group has the expressed intention of seeing those they impact choose to start following Jesus, through this more flexible and locally incarnated expression of the church. The result will often be that the group will grow and ultimately multiply into further Missional Communities. Missional Communities are most often networked within a larger church community (often with many other Missional Communities). These mid-sized communities are “lightweight and low maintenance”and most often meet 3-4 times a month in their context.

What next?

Several churches in the city, including Jesmond Methodist Church, are exploring further the concept of Missional Communities and Trinity will no doubt want to continue to explore the possibilities to help us reach out more and more into the communities around us.

If you would like to know more about Missional Communities, please speak to Andrew Clark.

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