How to Pray for London – August 2011

For those of us who are not in London, it is not easy to know how to support.  Many of us will have friends and family there, or have some relationship to the city in some way.  There will, no doubt be practical ways to support, but here are some suggestions of how to pray:



– Prayer walk your own neighbourhood.  While you’re there engage youths in conversation.  Befriend people, don’t fear them.

– Pray for the police.  Pray for their safety.  Pray for wisdom in tactics.  Pray that they don’t need to use violence.

– Pray for the rioters.  It’s easy to lump them together in a violent mob.  They are individuals made in the image of God.  Pray for the faces you see on television.  Pray for healing in their relationships.  Pray for jobs, goals and productive places to use their energy.  Pray for transformation in their lives and hearts.

– Pray for the local churches.  Pray that they are able to bring about reconciliation in their communities and be a place of peace and healing.

– Pray for politicians.  Pray that they have wisdom on how to deal with these events.  Pray that they can have clear heads as they made decisions that will impact the country for decades.

– Pray for the media.  Pray that they don’t make things worse by spreading fear and hatred.

– Pray for the British people.  Pray against fear.  Pray for calm.  Pray for safety.

– Pray for peace and shalom for our cities.  Pray for shoots of new life to come up amidst the charred remains of buildings.  Pray for heavy rain to discourage further gatherings.  Pray for hope and not fear.

– Pray for a way forward.  The obvious question is ‘what happens tonight?’.  Pray for God’s mercy on our country.

It’s heartbreaking to live through this.  Not only for the violence and destruction.  It’s heartbreaking for the years of fear and hatred that can come from this.  Pray for the healing of our country.



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