Easter at Trinity

On Maundy Thursday (5th April at 7.30pm), we explore a multi-sensory worship experience in the form of a meditation called ’30 Pieces of Silver’, focusing on the experiences of Jesus and Judas.

On Good Friday morning (6th April at 10am), we gather for worship at 10am around the theme of ‘In Royal Robes’ to consider the ways in which Christ clothes us with Himself, led by Tracy Clark, before joining with other Christians on the grass at the front of church for a joint act of worship and witness around the cross.

Easter Sunday at 10.30am – Our celebrations reach their climax on Sunday 8th April as we celebrate ‘Jesus the Risen King’ as we gather to give thanks for Resurrection Hope.

Early Morning Communion at 8am (Andrew Clark)

Main celebration at 10.30am (Andrew Clark)

Evening Worship at 6.30pm.(Peter Waugh)

Our Easter Journey continues on 15th April as Mary Bellshaw focuses our thoughts on the journey on the Emmaus Road.

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