Baptism of Charlie Ryan – Powerpoint Message and Testimony

“A year ago if someone had asked me if that in a years time I would be stood in a pool of water in front of a congregation about to get baptised I would have thought you were crazy. I’ve never doubted that there was a God, or something there in the afterlife but I didn’t what and was flip flopping from ideas and experiences. When I was 25 I became involved with all sorts of alternative spiritualities.  I gradually slipped out of that scene, but my thirst for knowledge and understanding the world never ceased. If that meant late nights researching secret societies and the mystery religions then that’s what I did.

“One weekend virtually a year ago today, I finally went down the rabbit hole and my reality changed.  It was a big crisis time in my life, really challenging, and I survived it. I spent another 72 sleepless hours in turmoil and after reading the Gospels several times I ventured out to find a church. Considering I live in North Shields and ended up in Gosforth on Tuesday, which ”just happened” to also be the first day of the Alpha course, I entered Trinity scared and confused. I prayed with Peter, and afterwards went back to where the whole thing started and things returned to normal, at least a new normal….

“Since that day I attended the Alpha course and have continued every Tuesday evening with a great group of new friends discovering God and how to be a better person.  I’m far from sinless.  I’ve led a pretty hedonistic lifestyle.  I struggle with temptation, but I acknowledge it, and try my best to avoid sin.  It’s all about the narrow path really.  My new path.  It’s easy to wander through this life enjoying all the easy and enjoyable vices, but I’m here today to show to my wonderful family, friends old and new that I thank so so much, that I’m prepared to struggle and battle through the obstacles to walk the narrow path.   I won’t be easy and I will struggle, but I know with Jesus by my side I’ll be looked after and will be picked up when I fall. Not just picked up, but hugged too. This is me, Charlie Ryan, saying goodbye to the past and hello to a new and exciting future.  Thank you and God bless you all.”

– Charlie Ryan


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