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Caffè 1901 Deli

Sunday Message – The God who pursues – 1st Jul 2018

Minister: Mary Belshaw

Theme: The God who pursues

Video recording: No recording was made of the Sunday message on this occasion.

Scripture reference(s): Jonah 1 (NIV)

Sunday Message – Great Big God – 24th Jun 2018

Minister: Rev John Paul

Theme: ‘Great Big God’

Scripture reference(s): 1 Samuel 17:1a,4-11,22-26,32-39 (NIV)

Sunday Message – Transformative Love – 10th Jun 2018

Minister: Stephen Lindridge

Theme: ‘Transformative love’

Scripture reference(s): 1 John 3:1-7 (NIV)

Sunday Message – Plentiful Harvest? – 3rd Jun 2018

Minister: Alison Wilkinson

Theme: ‘The harvest is plentiful? Is it really?’

Scripture reference(s): Romans 5: 1-11 (NIV) and Matthew 9: 35 – 10:5 (NIV)