Transforming our communities by the love of God


Church and Centre 
Office Administrator: Linda Adamson

Trinity Church Gosforth, High Street, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 4AG

Tel: 0191 285 6130
Fax: 0191 285 9285
Email: the Trinity office


Centre Manager: Lindsay Bellwood

Tel: 0191 255 9343
Email: Centre manager


Church Staff

Ministry Team Leader: Peter Holwell

Tel: 0191 255 9345
Email: Peter Holwell


Pastoral and Community Worker: Mary Bellshaw

Tel: 0191 255 9344
Email: Mary Bellshaw


Family and Children’s Worker: Andie Cozens

Tel: 0191 255 9349
Email: Andrea Cozens


Trinity Christian Community Centre – South Gosforth

Bookings and enquiries: Linda Adamson (Trinity Office)

Tel: 0191 285 6130
Email: the Trinity office


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