Meet God, Make Friends, Live Life

Sunday Message – It’s a new day! – 17th Feb 2019

Minister: Tom Leighton

Theme: It’s a new Day!

Scripture reference(s): Genesis 32: 22-31 (NIV)

Sunday Message – Extravagant belonging – 10th Feb 2019

Minister: Peter Holwell

Theme: Extravagant belonging

Scripture reference(s): Colossians 1:15-23 (NIV)

Sunday Message – Resist the devil – 13th Jan 2019

Minister: Peter Waugh

Theme: Resist the devil

Scripture reference(s): Hosea 3: 1-5 (NIV) and James 4: 1-10 (NIV)

Sunday Message – Magi Visit (Covenant) – 6th Jan 2019

Minister: Peter Holwell

Theme: The Magi Visit the Messiah & Covenant Service

Scripture reference(s): Matthew 2:1-12 (NIV)

Sunday Message – Waiting With Expectation – 2nd Dec 2018

Minister: Peter Holwell

Theme: Waiting With Expectation

Scripture reference(s): Luke 21:25-36 (NIV)