Meet God, Make Friends, Live Life

Sunday Message – Out of the Depths – 8th Jul 2018

Minister: Andie Cozens

Theme: Out of the Depths

Video recording: No recording was made of the Sunday message on this occasion.

Scripture reference(s): Jonah 2 (NIV)

Sunday Message – 28th May – Salt and Light

Minister: Kate Laws

Theme: ‘Salt and Light’

Scripture reference(s): Matthew 5:13-16 (NIV)

Video recording: There was no video recording this Sunday.

Sunday Message – 7th May 2017 – A life of purpose

Minister: Alison Moodie

Theme: ‘A life of purpose and priority’

Scripture reference(s): Mark 8:27-38 (NIV) Peter Declares That Jesus Is the Messiah

Sunday Message – 23rd Apr 2017

Minister: Mary Bellshaw

Theme: They thought it was all finished, it’s only just beginning…

Scripture reference(s): Luke 5:1-11 (NIV) Jesus Calls His First Disciples

Harvest Festival All Age Worship 2016

video unavailable

Minister: Led by Elevate

Theme: Harvest Festival

Scripture reference(s): Deuteronomy 24: 19 (NLT)

This year our Harvest Festival All-Age Worship was led by our youth group Elevate.

(A transcript can be viewed here.)

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