Month: March 2015

Minister: Tom Leighton Theme: ‘He entered in triumphantly’ Summary: Jesus’ glorious entry into Jerusalem Scripture reference: Luke 11: 1 – 11 (New International Version) “Jesus’ Teaching on Prayer”

Minister: Peter Waugh Theme: ‘The Lenten Look’ Summary: Can we, like Jesus, be steadfast in what we have set out to do? Scripture reference: Luke 9: 51 -56(KJV)

It was great to see so many people last Saturday, collecting bulbs for their Mothers. Please send us your pictures, either by e-mail to or by posting them to Trinity’s Facebook page

Minister: Rev J Barry Lumley Theme: ‘Garbage for Grace’ Summary: God invites us to offload our garbage onto His son, in exchange for his grace. Scripture reference: 1 Peter 2:4-12 (NIV)

Minister: Tom Leighton Theme: ‘The Prodigal Son’ Summary: What does the parable of a son who turned his back on his Father, to enjoy a hedonistic lifestyle but then returned to find his Father welcoming him back, tell us about …

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