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Sunday Message 17th Mar 2013

Christ's face on black backdrop

Passion Sunday

Worship Leader: Andrew Clark

Scripture:  Mark 14: 32 – 41

Have you ever found yourself praying? Praying about some situation that is troubling you? Praying for something to change when all along you have a sneaky feeling that it is your own heart, mind and attitude that has to change? Today, as we remember the range of suffering and challenge Jesus faced, we can find encouragement in his openness to God with his struggles and doubts. Through the disciples asleep in the other side of the Garden, we come face to face with our own reluctant neglect. We consider how we respond openly and honestly to these real discipleship challenges as we explore this passage together.


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Mothering Sunday – 10th Mar 2013

Bunch of Daffodills

Mother’s Day (All age worship)
Worship Leader: Andrew Clark

This Sunday’s service will be Trinity’s special children-friendly service which we call the “All age worship”. The big band will be playing – conducted by David Cowans. Andrew Clark will lead worship and there’ll be daffodils for all the women.

If you’ve not been before it will be a good opportunity to come and see what church can be like when we let our hair down and all join in to worship the Lord!

Young Church will not be on this Sunday as they’ll be staying in thoughout but “Dots ‘n’ Tots” our creché facility for under 3 year olds will be available thoughout the service.


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Sunday Message – 3rd March 2013

Mountain drawing

Sermon Theme: The Transfiguration
Scripture:  Mark 9: 1 – 13
Summary: This week we’re going through the story of Jesus trip up a mountain with three of the disciples. It is here where Jesus is transfigured and “mountains were often associated with God – where God showed up, where he revealed something of himself”

“Jesus was transfigured before their very eyes”

“something more than this world could possibly produce”

“was this a foretaste of the glory that was to come?”

“it shows that Jesus is not just a Rabbi, he’s something more”

“Jesus tells them not to speak of this event…Not to speak of it??!”

“they couldn’t speak of an event showing his glory until they knew how his glory would ultimately be shown”


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Sermon Theme: