Month: February 2013

Sermon Theme: Joeseph’s Kingdom Scripture:  Genesis 41:41-47 No summary available Video: You can also watch this video in a new window on YouTube by clicking this link.

Sermon Theme: Joeseph’s Dreams Scripture:  Genesis 37:1-11 Summary: The character of Joseph is a fascinating one in the pages of Genesis…he becomes, in essence, the first of many saviours of the people of Israel. As we look at his life

Sermon Theme: Jacob’s Children Scripture:  Genesis 29:31 – 30:24 and Luke 9:46-50 Summary: This week Rev. Dr. Calvin Samuel takes us through the story of the birth of each of Jacob’s sons. They were sons of four mothers and born

Sermon Theme: Jacob’s Dream Scripture:  Genesis 28: 10 – 22 Summary: This week’s instalment shows us that you don’t always get what you want when you manipulate a situation. That there are occasions when you will feel more alone than