Meet God, Make Friends, Live Life

Sunday Message – 17th June

Sermon Series:  The Intelligble Spirit

Theme:  Spirit-empowers for Mission

Scripture:  Acts 4


Summary:  Rev Elaine Lindridge helped us to consider what it means to be mission shaped. We’ll looked at Acts 4:1-20 and thought of how Peter was a changed man after he was filled with the Holy Spirit. He was able to speak about Jesus whereas before he had been afraid. Today, as church, how mission-shaped are we? What is it about God that we long to share with others?

For further reflection. Consider what it means to be mission shaped? A mission shaped-church, a mission shaped-ministry and last but not least, a mission-shaped me.

Sunday Message – 10th June

Sermon Series:  The Intelligible Spirit

Theme:  Intimate – Jesus and the Spirit

Scripture:  Matthew 3: 13 – 17


Summary:   The Rev Eden Fletcher explored the contrast between the spectacular public event of Pentecost and the quiet, intimate moments of Jesus infilling with the Holy Spirit at his baptism in the Jordan.  We considered the voice of God that accompanied that baptism ‘this is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased’ and asked if we sense God saying that over our lives.

We all enjoy the large celebration events with many people and much rejoicing, but let us to be attentive to the quiet moments where God can move in equal power.

For further reflection:  Do you know the Spirit’s presence in your life, transforming your heart and mind and preparing you to engage in his work?

Sunday Message – 3rd June

Sermon Series:  The Intelligible Spirit

Theme:  Integral – The Spirit in the Old Testament

Scripture:  Genesis 1,  Jeremiah 31:31 – 34


Summary:   Today we explored some insight into the work of the Holy Spirit as he works and moves through the pages of the Old Testament.  Jeremiah declares that the desire of God for his people is to know him and so we explore how the Holy Spirit enables that to happen.  We consider his role in creation, bringing order out of chaos.  We see his role in communicating God’s words, equipping God’s people and transforming their lives.

For further reflection:  In what ways has God gifted you in practical terms?  How can those things contribute to the Kingdom of God in this age?  Do you have ‘hard feet and soft hearts’ to take the gospel to the world?