Month: April 2012

Sermon Series:  At the Table Theme:  Enacted Grace Scripture:  Luke 5: 27 – 32   Today we gathered around the table in Levi’s house and watch as Jesus displays the radical nature of grace in the Kingdom of God to

Sermon Series:  Easter – Jesus the King Theme:  The Road to Emmaus, the Road to Jerusalem Scripture:  Luke 24 Mary Bellshaw shared reflections on the journey of the two disciples after their experiences of witnessing the trial and execution of

Sermon Series:  ‘Easter – Jesus the King’ Theme:  ‘Jesus the Risen King’ Scripture:  John 20: 1 – 18 Andrew Clark spoke about the wonderment that the disciples showed on that first Resurrection Sunday.  We asked why they were so surprised

On Maundy Thursday (5th April at 7.30pm), we explore a multi-sensory worship experience in the form of a meditation called ’30 Pieces of Silver’, focusing on the experiences of Jesus and Judas. On Good Friday morning (6th April at 10am),

Sermon Series:   Easter – Jesus the King Theme:  ‘Entry of the King’ Scripture: John 12: 12 – 19 Andrew Clark spoke about the ways we sometimes have Palm Sunday ‘all sorted’ in our heads, that the moral of the story