Month: February 2012

During the Christian season of Lent, the Churches Together in Gosforth meet at Trinity Church on Tuesdays at 12pm to share in worship, prayer and reflection as we move towards Easter together. Afterwards, we share in a simple lunch with

Sermon Series:  The Way of Jesus Theme:  Questioning Scripture:  John 20: 24 – 31 Andrew spoke about the vital place of questioning in our following God in the way of Jesus.  When we stop questioning, we have stopped growing.  It

Sermon Series:  The Way of Jesus Theme:  Feasting Scripture:  Luke 14: 16 – 24;  Isaiah 25: 6 – 8 Alan Dunstone reminded us of the feast that we have enjoyed in recent years:  a feast of biblical preaching, prayer, ecumenism,

Sermon Series:  The Way of Jesus Theme:  Journeying Scripture:  John 1: 35 – 51   Andrew Clark spoke about the simplicity of Jesus’ call to follow him and how so often we complicate our response.  Jesus invites us on an

Relationships, Unity & Today, Grace: a trinity of foundations on which we have built: Matthew 16: 13-20