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Trinity Stories – Peter Waugh

Tell us about yourself

I’m Peter, and my wife is Jane.  We married in 2000 as ‘mature’ candidates. I was married before and have a daughter, who is happily married herself with two children.  I had a 27 year career in the Civil Service, followed by several years in private industry (as a payroll trainer) and ending up in full time Christian work in Trinity.  I’m now retired, whatever that means!

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Sunday Message, 30th October – Lifeshapes – The Heptagon: Practicing the Principles of a Vital Life

Babies are wonderful, aren’t they?  We all love to ooh and aah at a baby.  Big smiles and burps and smelly nappies and more giggles and songs.  Oh, and then there is the sleepless nights and the puke and…ooh…aren’t babies wonderful!  Of course, there is something very special about the bond we have with our parents…we are dependent on them for everything in those first years and then the baby moves on to become more able to provide for itself.

The Apostle Paul, a spiritual father to the church at Corinth is writing to his spiritual children.  By his estimations, the time for apron strings has gone….or should be gone.  But in spite of the years of investment of teaching and contact that Paul has invested in the church at Corinth, they have a problem.  You may remember the Appollo 13 craft and its mission to the moon…they soon discovered that they didn’t have enough fuel to propel them back to earth.  Then came the world’s most underestimated announcement:  Houston we have a problem.  They now had a life or death situation that demanded a great deal of skill maturity and ingenuity on behalf of the crew because there was little that ground control could really do. Continue reading

Sunday Message, 23rd October – Lifeshapes – The Hexagon: Praying as a way of life

Matthew 6: 5-15

The overwhelming theme of our shapes thus far has been to help us effectively and fruitfully follow Jesus today: we do that as we repent and believe in the gospel of grace, work from our rest, and have balanced dynamic relationships with God, fellow disciples and those as yet not in the kingdom. We are equipped and matured as we become disciples and disciple others, and as we understand the part of the ministry of Jesus we operate in and with Holy Spirit ease are fruitful in. Key to all this is a dynamic relationship with Jesus and the key to that is communication.

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Sunday Message, 16th October – Lifeshapes – The Pentagon: Knowing your role in life

Ephesians 4:1-16
Circles, Semi-Circles, Triangles, Squares and today a Pentagon: if you thought your geometry lessons were over think again!! If like me you have at times despaired of living a fruitful Christian Life as a disciple of Jesus then actually these gathered insights, if taken to heart and acted on in our lives, have the potential to transform our fruitfulness for the Master. The discipline of repenting and believing, having our life balanced so that we work from our rest, keeping our relationships with God, fellow disciples, and others in balance, and treading the path of youthful enthusiasm to mature discipling of others the Jesus way, are huge in terms of getting Christians mobilised afresh in our nation once again.

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Sunday Message, 9th October – Lifeshapes – The Square: Defining the Priorities of Life

John 6: 14-21

Do you remember that moment when your bairn got his or her first bike? The need for stabilisers, a helping hand, then released and crash! Knees took a battering and it was a time before they got on again, and then it seemed they were going straighter, faster, and before you knew where you were they could ride. No doubt you went through the same with driving, hopefully just a car but maybe a motorbike. In the end as parents we care, we lead, we encourage and then we let them go. Learning to be a disciple of Jesus and indeed exercising leadership in His name is a little different. He gently shows us, shares with us in the experience, and then frees us to learn by doing.

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