Month: October 2011

Tell us about yourself I’m Peter, and my wife is Jane.  We married in 2000 as ‘mature’ candidates. I was married before and have a daughter, who is happily married herself with two children.  I had a 27 year career

Babies are wonderful, aren’t they?  We all love to ooh and aah at a baby.  Big smiles and burps and smelly nappies and more giggles and songs.  Oh, and then there is the sleepless nights and the puke and…ooh…aren’t babies

Matthew 6: 5-15 The overwhelming theme of our shapes thus far has been to help us effectively and fruitfully follow Jesus today: we do that as we repent and believe in the gospel of grace, work from our rest, and

Ephesians 4:1-16 Circles, Semi-Circles, Triangles, Squares and today a Pentagon: if you thought your geometry lessons were over think again!! If like me you have at times despaired of living a fruitful Christian Life as a disciple of Jesus then

John 6: 14-21 Do you remember that moment when your bairn got his or her first bike? The need for stabilisers, a helping hand, then released and crash! Knees took a battering and it was a time before they got