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Sunday Message, 25th September – Lifeshapes ‘The Triangle – Balancing the Relationships of Life’

Images help us to remember, to connect with things we’ve learnt.  Our brains are geared up to store pictures in our minds.  All day we’re bombarded by symbols and shapes.

If you’ve been anywhere near Trinity in the past few weeks, at a morning service, an evening service, a Life Group, helping with young church, reading Life at Trinity, you’ll have come across some shapes, some pictures that are helping us to connect with the things we’ve been learning!  So far, on a Sunday morning, we’ve looked at the circle, and the kairos moments, the key times in our lives and how we react to them.  Then last week we looked at the semi-circle, and the balance of work and rest.  The shapes should help us to remember the ideas much more easily than if we were just taught the information.  This is the book we’ve been looking at.  I’m sure many of you have a copy.  If not, get hold of one!  Continue reading

Trinity Stories – Jeremy Nelson

Tell us about yourself

I’m Jeremy and I’m married to Hazel. My working life was in teaching, eventually Assistant Headteacher in a comprehensive high school – but now retired. I’m currently treasurer of Trinity and this occupies a great deal of my time. I enjoy music and our caravan, which provides a welcome haven of peace.

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Sunday Message, 18th September – Life Shapes – ‘The Semi-Circle: Living in rhythm with life’

John 15: 1-8
How do we live as fruitful disciples of Jesus? Look no further than Jesus himself for the answer: as wise as we think we are, our wisdom crumbles compared to the glorious rhythm of life and living as we see in Him. This is the discovery the first disciples began to make when they chose to repent (turn around, change direction) and believe the good news (the gospel of grace) embodied in Jesus. The core of the whole Jewish religious experience had slipped from Grace to Law and now these first disciples saw not just a way back to Grace but a person who lived it 24/7, and not out of His own strength but out of the overflow of His relationship with Father God. Wow, they wanted some of that for themselves.

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Sunday Message, 11th September – Life Shapes ‘The Circle: Choosing to learn from life’

Mark 1: 14-20

As a Christian, I know that I am a work in progress, and the older I get the more work there seems to be done! Following Jesus sounds good on the face of it but if that’s as far as it goes, then all we do is shadow Him and become like a groupie who hero worships but changes not ones life or lifestyle. No following Jesus means becoming by grace and the work of the Holy Spirit more and more like Him! In John the Baptist’s words: He must increase and I must decrease (John 3:30). But if I am to become more and more like Him, I need practical clues about how that can happen for me: it’s called Discipleship and this series will hopefully give us handle on the how of maturing into a fruitful Christian Life, which is Jesus shaped and Jesus centred.

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