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Sunday Message, 24th July – Saints Under Pressure 4

Gideon: Fleeces and Faith

Judges 6: 11-16


We have thus far learned that Saints under pressure, those with feet of clay, need time alone with God. They need to let God take the initiative and when they do, they need to know that God is gentle with us. Last week with Joseph we saw that Saints need to trust God whatever the circumstances say, to know His timing is perfect, and to allow God to use all things (good and not so good) to get us ready for our unique assignment or calling. Today’s story of Gideon includes Fleeces & Faith. Saints under pressure is need to test the guidance they are receiving, be watchful, and exercise faith not fear. As Joseph found out last week, God’s thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways (Isaiah 55:8-9), so Gideon learned the same lesson.
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Sunday Message, 17th July – Saints Under Pressure 3

Joseph – Coat of many colours

Genesis 50: 15-21


‘Shiny Saints’ are all very well but you and I can’t relate to them or indeed seek to emulate them. ‘Saints with Feet of Clay’ sounds more attainable. Jacob, as we saw last week, definitely had feet of clay. He was a deceiver and self-sufficient. God tried to show him the possibilities that surrender to Him could bring: stairways between heaven and earth is the stuff of dreams, but still he didn’t listen. In the end he had to come to the very end of his own resources and truly wrestle with God to become the new Israel. We learnt that ‘Saints under Pressure’ need time alone with God, they need to let God alone take the initiative, and they need to learn that God is a gentle God.
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Sunday Message, 10th July – Saints Under Pressure 2

Jacob – Wrestling with God

Genesis 32: 22-32


‘Saints under pressure’ is a description of the contemporary Body of Christ, across the nations. ‘Saints’, or in Greek the ‘holy ones (the ones being made holy.)’, are what those who have surrendered their lives to Christ are, not by their own virtue or by papal dictate but 100% because of Jesus and his righteousness. ‘Under Pressure’ is the reality of living a Christian Life of intentional discipleship which clearly goes against the flow of the prevailing culture of the world. This series highlights firstly seven Bible characters and how they coped with such pressure and overcame, and finally the reality of persecuted and marginalised Christians today under pressure: each message will hopefully help us put together a composite picture of the overcoming.
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Making Disciples

Click on the link to watch a short video about the essentials of making and being disciples in our 21st Century.