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Olivia's at Trinity

Sunday Message – Who do you say I am – 20th Nov 2016

Minister: Peter Holwell

Theme: Who do you say I am

Scripture reference(s): Matthew 16:13-20 (NIV) Peter’s Declaration about Jesus

Video recording: The video recording was not successful on this Sunday.

Sunday Message – I Am the Resurrection and the Life – 23rd Oct 2016

video unavailable

Minister: Alison Moodie

Theme: I Am the Resurrection and the Life

Scripture reference(s): John 11: 17-37 (NIV)

Sunday Message – I Am the Good Shepherd – 16th Oct 2016

video unavailable

Minister: Peter Holwell

Theme: I Am the Good Shepherd

Scripture reference(s): John 10: 11-21 (NIV)

Harvest Festival All Age Worship 2016

video unavailable

Minister: Led by Elevate

Theme: Harvest Festival

Scripture reference(s): Deuteronomy 24: 19 (NLT)

This year our Harvest Festival All-Age Worship was led by our youth group Elevate.

(A transcript can be viewed here.)

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Harvest Celebration Service – 2016


Harvest Celebration Service for all ages (with the big band)

Sunday 9th October 2016 at 10.30am.

We would like to invite you to our Harvest Celebration Service and to encourage you to stay for lunch – Soup & Roll which is free. If you are interested, can you please let Jane Waugh, Andie Cozens or a member of the Ministry Team
know, so that we can make sure to have enough food for everyone. Looking forward to seeing you.

Andie Cozens

List of suggested donations for the harvest celebration

Tinned meat and fish – stewed steak, mince, chicken, corned beef, spam, ham, tuna, salmon.
Tinned fruit and veg. – carrots, peas, baked beans, tinned tomatoes, pears, pineapple etc.
Tea and coffee – instant coffee, teabags, drinking chocolate, sugar, custard (instant, tinned, powder).
Breakfast cereals and dry goods – gravy granules, plain/self-raising flour, tinned puddings, soup (tinned and packets), cooking oil, milk (dried/evaporated).
Toiletries for both men and women – toothpaste and toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, shower gel, deodorants, shaving items for men, nappies, sanitary items.
Clothing – all good quality new or second hand clothing, underwear, pants or shorts, socks, hats, gloves, scarves, sleeping bags for rough sleepers (in carry bag if possible).
Financial donations – are always acceptable – please place in a sealed envelope and mark with the name of the Charity to which you wish to donate.

Donations will go to the following organisations (unless specified otherwise)

  • W.E.R.S.

Many thanks once again. Morag Barlow.