Olivia's at Trinity

Olivia’s Artisan Bakery and Cafe opens Wed 13th May 2015

Photo of freshly baked aritsan breadOlivia’s have teamed up with the Trinity Centre to bring artisan bread & range of delicious food to the Trinity Café on Gosforth High Street and it is due to open this Wednesday 13th May.

Every day (except Sunday) at Olivia’s Artisan Bakery and Café at Trinity, you’ll be able to choose from a range of wonderful, freshly baked artisan breads, lovingly crafted by our dedicated team of artisan bakers at our central bakery in Darlington. All our breads are made using organic ingredients and contain organic flour, yeast, salt and water with absolutely no artificial ingredients.

We serve a range of breakfasts (even some healthy options!), lunches and light snacks from 8am until 4pm. Whether it’s rare-breed bacon in an artisan stottie, a delicious seasonal soup made from fresh, locally-grown produce or a slice of one of our mouth-watering cakes, you need look no further than Olivia’s!

All the produce we sell is made by us using the very finest locally sourced ingredients. We’ve also teamed up with Rounton Coffee, an artisan roaster in North Yorkshire, to bring you a simply delicious coffee, using ‘directly traded’ beans from Columbia, El Salvador and Brazil.

In addition, we serve a wide range of refreshing high-quality teas from Ringtons, so feel free to pop in and sample what we have to offer. For more information about Olivia’s, our delicious food and the work we do to help support the community, please visit our website.

We look forward to welcoming you!

More info about the cafe can be found here


Sunday Message: The Persecuted Church – 19th Apr 2015

Minister: Alison Moodie
Theme: Can we help our brothers and sisters in Christ who are persecuted around the world?
Summary: Christians are the most persecuted religious group worldwide. According to Open Doors USA, an average of at least 180 Christians around the world are killed each month for their faith. Today’s service came about because of this video by the charity Open Doors that Michelle Ward brought to the attention of Church Council recently.

We can and must help & stand beside all who are persecuted today, support them in prayers and support them through charities like Open Doors. What we want for Christ’s Bride, is something that we will only fully grasp in eternity. It’s our joy to think of one day gathering around the Throne of God to hear the stories of those who were martyred and imprisoned and to know, finally, how the Lord heard our prayers for their suffering, endurance & courage and made it so. We must pray that one day we can look upon the face of Christ and hear him say, “I was in prison, and you came to me. Well done, good and faithful servant.”

There are several ways that we, as ‘ordinary’ Christians, can go about standing with our brethren, including taking ‘the step of yes‘ to pray for those suffering and support the work Open Doors does to help them in their plight. We can also write to officials in our own government who have the power to influence governments that house those who persecute Christians. The strongest request I can make to you is to devote yourself to prayer for the persecuted.

Scripture reference: Matthew 5:43-48New International Version (NIV)